Painted Family Portraits | Terms


  • Entry is open only to persons 18 years and over, who are residents of North America and have not won a competition, prize or promotional item, with Sunny Portraiture in the last 6 months.
  • To enter, completed original entry coupons must be received at the studio by the end of the promotion date. Late entries are not accepted. Entry coupons not properly completed will be rejected. Contestants may enter as many times as they like provided original coupons are received prior to the closing date. Copies will not be accepted. Prize winners will be notified by postal mail, email or phone. The major prize winner will be the first valid entry coupon drawn on the day of the draw.
  • Prizes may be associated with an expiration date and must be redeemed before such date/s. Similarly, an expiration date may be included on the Gift Certificate. Prizes are non-transferable, not exchangeable or redeemable in whole or in part for any cash equivalent. Prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence shall be entertained.



  • Gift Certificates, promotional vouchers, Gift cards or any other similar instruments may be referred by any name interchangeably, but for the sake of clarity are the instruments that allow a user to obtain a service or product or both for free or at a lower price than usual or by choosing to apply a value advantage to obtain a reduction in price to other products or services e.g., an upgrade to a different class of service or product, or a larger sized portrait, etc.
  • Must be redeemed by the holder prior to the expiry date or the use by date usually mentioned on the reverse or on the email, as applicable, provided the holder has not redeemed a Competition Prize, Gift Certificate or Promotional Voucher with Sunny Portraiture in the last 12 months (date calculated from the previous sitting date)
  • Certificates can only be redeemed as studio portraiture and cannot be used for commercial, product, environmental or on-location family portrait sessions.
  • Value of two or more gift cards cannot be combined in the same session
  • Promotional Gift certificates, i.e., those not purchased directly by the holder, have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or products. Any residual value can only be applied to upgrade or purchase of an additional portrait of at least 14 inches only on the day of the portrait session. Digital files in any form or format are not sold or supplied.
  • Usually, the gift cards and promotional cards will explicitly state the exchange value and the gift card can only be used for the stated products or service/s. In the unlikely event of an absence of this, any products not offered by the studio in the normal course of business to regular clients cannot be supplied
  • A holding fee/deposit will be required to secure and hold your appointments. This holding fee ensures your commitment to the scheduled appointments. The holding fee/deposit will be refunded on the day of your portrait appointment, or in case the credit card was earlier charged, this charge will be reversed by the following Tuesday of your appointment day. Failure to attend or complete your scheduled appointment will result in the cancellation of any prize and the forfeiture of the holding fee.



  • A holding fee/deposit will be required to secure and hold your appointments. This holding fee ensures your commitment to the scheduled appointments. For details on these, please refer to Appointment Terms.
  • The holding fee/deposit will be refunded at your portraiture sitting appointment. Failure to attend, Not completing your scheduled appointment or multiple re-schedules will result in the cancellation of any prize and the forfeiture of the holding fee. Please see details on the Appointment Terms page



  • Unless agreed by the studio, Promotional Vouchers and Gift Certificates are NON-transferable. They are not exchangeable or redeemable in whole or in part for any cash equivalent.
  • The vouchers and gift certificates cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, prize or promotion. Only one (1) Gift Certificate or Promotional voucher/certificate can be used at a time.  You cannot use the gift certificate or promotional voucher to purchase products from any other photo sessions.



  • By entering our Facebook competition, the entrant acknowledges that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook in any way.



  • The Studio reserves artistic control over the design and content of each portrait session. We may, at our discretion, decline to create certain types or styles of photography. We reserve the right to refuse to produce images at some sizes, types, combinations or alterations if we believe such images would or could be detrimental to our reputation as a professional studio or as professional photographers.
  • Clients should discuss their requirements with the studio prior to the portrait session. Usage of personal cameras, cell phones and similar devices for recording and taking pictures is not allowed in the camera room.



  • The studio reserves the right to refuse service if in our opinion the provision of service is likely to cause or has caused disruption to either staff members or the normal operation of the business.



  • In case of family sessions stipulated by the certificate, or for sessions won as part of a Facebook invitation or competition for a family portrait session, studio reserves the right to refuse service if the entire family does not attend the photographic shoot.



  • Gift Certificates and Promotional Vouchers entitle the holder to a SINGLE APPOINTMENT. There are limitations to how many times your appointment may be re-scheduled. An appointment re-schedule fee may apply. Please see the details on the Appointment Terms



  • At this stage, we can only allow dogs and cats to be part of your family portraits. For others, please check with the studio first



Non-attendance (NO SHOW) at an appointment without notice, will result in the forfeiture of the holding/deposit fee. The Gift Certificate or Promotional Voucher is then deemed to have been used in full.



Extended families are deemed to be groups larger than ten members. Extended family bookings are taken with prior knowledge of such sessions or consultation to make a reservation. If your family has more than 10 people, please make sure the studio is aware of this because sometimes extended session duration or other arrangements may need to be made.


Copyright to all images created during the photo session belongs solely to the Studio. Usage of personal cameras and cell-phone are not allowed in the camera room for taking pictures.



We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind and want to cancel or change your order. But you can choose another session in exchange if an item has a major problem.

This is when the item:

  • Has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it.
  • Is unsafe

The following apply in case of a refund:

  • Refunds are not applicable if a sample or digital file was provided prior to starting work on the painted work, and the digital rendition was approved.
  • In case of a problem with printing or digital artistry, editing or retouching work, i.e., in case of small portraits of up to 20-inch size, where the work was not earlier seen or approved by the client we will repair or re-do the work where possible. If a repair or rework is not possible, an alternate photo session will be offered along with a studio credit of $500 that may be used to order portraits from the new session.




Your portraits are highly personal in nature and of value only to you and your family, therefore, standard returns policies seen elsewhere in case of standard products elsewhere do not apply to the portraits. If you are unhappy with your portrait, the studio will:

  • Either offer to fix or rework on the portrait, especially in case of a painting, or
  • Offer another session and include $500 by way of studio credit that may be used for ordering portraits




The studio will try its best to honor the delivery schedules as promised. However, in certain cases, things may be beyond the control of the studio and delays may happen due to studio personnel or external suppliers, artists, shipment delays, acts of God or any other reasons not speculated here. This may temporarily delay the schedule or make it completely impossible to deliver the order, such as in case of a loss of digital or physical media, storage or equipment failure, including loss of original files leading to complete cancellation of the order. The best option available at such a time will be the same as covered in returns above, i.e., offering to redo the session where possible.


These Terms should be read in conjunction with another section that specifically covers the terms related to the Appointments, refundable fee, and other related topics.