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Painted Portraits

Painted portraits come in two flavors Venetian and Pino.





The Venetian Series is printed on archival canvas that will last more than one generation. These are available in 14" and going up to 72 inches (on the long side)


In the Venetian style, the backdrop remains 'as-is', i.e., no attempt is made to change anything in terms of color or adding any new elements that add any extra touch, artist's interpretation or colors to support the subjects in the painting. It is possible to include requests for minor adjustments to the subject as part of the painting process.


The Pino Series is also on archival canvas, mounted on stretcher frame. The photograph is used as a base with added interpretations from the artist resulting in portraying you in your best light and in perfect proportionsThese are unique pieces of art. Even if you were to order two of these, they both likely be different because of the hand painted brushstrokes. These original art pieces are available in 30" and more.


In the Pino style, the backdrop is usually changed to best suit the subject, mood, clothing etc. There may be one or more added elements bringing the portrait closer to a traditional commissioned portrait. Requests for adjustments to the subject as part of the painting process are included.