Painted Family Portraits | Dress Code

Dress Code


As the portrait artist, it is our responsibility to ensure the final artwork is of the highest quality in terms of authenticity of its classic appeal, it's important that the proper attire is worn matching the spirit of the classic portraiture.


Your portrait is being designed to last generations. and therefore the dress being worn should be something that will look good twenty years or more in the future. Even one incorrectly dressed person in the picture can take away the classic portrait look.


In our opinion, the following clothing will enhance your face and draw attention to you, rather than what you're wearing.


  • Dark Dress or Formal Gown
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Burgundy, Dark Green, etc
  • Little to no patterns preferred
  • Classic Jewelry - diamonds, pearls
  • Short Sleeves preferred
    If you choose to wear an off-the-shoulder or sleeveless dress, please bring a wrap or (fake) fur to compliment your shoulder line.



  • Girls 5 & Up - Solid, Dark or Jewel-toned Dresses preferred
  • Girls 4 & Under - Ivory, Cream or Off White Dresses acceptable



  • Dark Jackets (tuxedo or suit)
  • White Shirt
  • Not willing to wear formal jacket, please call
  • Tie - bow or traditional
  • Dark Pants



  • Dark Jackets (tuxedo or suit)
  • (or) Dark, Solid Sweater
  • White Shirt
  • Tie - bow or traditional
  • Dark Pants