Painted Family Portraits | Appointment Terms

Appointment Re-schedules, Cancellations, and Deposits


Refundable Deposit 

We ask for a refundable deposit for all studio visits and reservations. Since we reserve the studio exclusively for the visitor when making the appointment, the refundable deposit is required to protect our time from no-shows. The studio will return the deposit to you upon completion of your visit.


We will return the amount to the same card used to make the deposit. Upon return, it may take an additional 5-7 days before this shows up in your account. In case you’d like this amount returned to you by check, 94% of the deposit will be returned.


We do not entertain walk-ins to the studio.


Limitations to Refunds, Cancellation, and Reschedules

While we understand that you may have legitimate reasons to re-schedule or cancel your appointments, we also have to ensure these are not at our business’s cost. The following limitations will apply:   



You can re-schedule your portrait session’s date or time within 24 hours of booking the first time and at least seven business days before the session’s scheduled date. 


Re-schedule is a privilege and not a right since it costs us a wasted slot in the studio. It is meant to be used for emergencies and is allowed only one time without jeopardizing your deposit. One original appointment and One re-schedules in all. Beyond this, re-schedules will not be free of charge, and a $100 charge will be added to your account or deducted from your deposit for the first re-schedule, which will double with each subsequent time. If this exceeds your deposit, your appointment is canceled.

Also, for all loyalty card, gift cards, promotional vouchers, any social media winnings, your studio appointment must be completed within 180 days of first making your appointment or 190 days from the date you received this offer, card, or selection notification, whichever is later.



Re-scheduling fee and limitations:

Beyond the first one re-schedules, provided they are at least seven days before the session date, a fee is charged, or deducted from your deposit. Please see the section above for details.


Standard cancellation policy

For a full refund, please cancel your appointment at least TEN 10 calendar days before the portrait session is scheduled to start or within 24 hours of the original booking (first-time making the reservation).


Full refunds are issued for original bookings, i.e., if the appointment was never re-scheduled. If your appointment were re-scheduled even once, it would no longer be eligible for a refund upon cancellation. It will either need to be used or forfeited. 


Purchase Date 

For Customers coming to the studio directly: Those by paying a full amount for the booking, i.e., without using any gift card, coupon code, promotional voucher, loyalty rewards, invitations, winnings, or similar instrument, the purchase date is the first time such a transaction takes place.


If your portrait session is originating from a gift certificate or similar, the Purchase date is considered the date you claimed your gift certificate by registering it on the website. Sometimes, promotional gift vouchers or gift certificates issued by charities or companies may have a use-by date listed. Your certificate must be registered with us by this date.


In case no date is mentioned, Gift certificates issued on Paper or Plastic, including Promotional Gift Certificates, must be claimed within a maximum of 30 days and Electronic Gift Certificates within a maximum of 10 days from the date of receipt.


In case of a Facebook or any other Social Media draw or winning, model call or portrait as a gift for your time, the purchase date is ten days from the date an email informing you of such a draw.


Cancellations related to COVID identification

Sometimes your portrait session may require you to provide a declaration before attending, such as during the recent COVID pandemic where the attending family has to confirm they have not recently traveled or any family member is not unwell, etc. If you don’t complete this process at least 24 hours before your appointment, your appointment will be treated as a no-show and automatically canceled. 


Re-scheduling Policy for Gift Certificates and Winnings

There is no difference in the re-scheduling policy between any of these since the gift certificates or winnings cover the session fee and the included portrait’s cost. These have no bearing on the refundable deposits because a refundable deposit is to protect us from no-shows.


Re-schedules due to weather, electricity, or any other reason beyond our control

If weather, lack of electricity, unavailability of staff, or any other reason creates a safety concern or a hard stop, your appointment/s may be re-scheduled. This will include all such hard stops either before or during the session.


Cancellations due to illness or an emergency

If you need to cancel or re-schedule due to extenuating circumstances or an emergency, we may ask you to provide documentation.