Painted Family Portraits | Classic family portraits - Art for your walls, featuring people you already are in love with.

Family is all that Matters

Family is all we have. They are our closest... our own... our people. 


While pictures from your cellphone may be great for capturing the moment with them, face it - most don't even come close to capturing the essence. An art piece on the wall reflects your family bond in a classic and polished way.


We create Canvas art that becomes your Family Heirloom. These last for multi-generations and will be passed on between Family members across generations.

Pick from Two Styles

In the Venetian style, the backdrop remains 'as-is', i.e., no attempt is made to change anything in terms of color or adding any new elements that add any extra touch, artist's interpretation or colors to support the subjects in the painting. It is possible to include requests for minor adjustments to the subject as part of the painting process. 


Available in sizes starting from 14 inches and above

In the Pino style, the backdrop is changed to best suit the subject, mood, clothing etc. There may be one or more added elements bringing the portrait closer to a traditional commissioned portrait. Requests for adjustments to the subject as part of the painting process are included.

All digital, hand-embellished and painted portraits available in sizes starting from 30 inches and above.